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What you can do with your favourite essential oil blends

You’ve made an investment into a couple of essential oils, or perhaps a blend that you love. Now what? Here’s a short list of handy ideas to try.

#1 Dry inhalation

Dry inhalation happens to be quite an effective method for enjoying your essential oils. Fortunately, these are usually fairly small bottles that fit easily into a bag or backpack. Tip: be sure to secure the cap tightly when you are done to avoid spills as well as unintentional evaporation of your oils.

Other methods of dry inhalation include:

  • Placing a drop or two onto a cotton ball, placed into a small plastic cup (1 oz size) and placing nearby
  • Drop a couple of drops of a relaxing blend onto a tissue and place near your pillow, or even under your pillowcase
  • Add a drop or two to your diffuser jewelry and wear throughout the day (Great for back to school)
  • Make your own aromastick inhaler with your favourite blend (Great for back to school)
  • Make use of specialty aromatherapy diffusers that plug into a USB port on your tech gadgets (Great for workplace)
  • Smell straight from the bottle (be sure to keep your nose from actually touching it- you don’t want to contaminate your bottle!)

Additional inhalation methods: ways to use your essential oil blends

  • Add your essential oil blend to your diffuser, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Add a few drops into a small dish for placement in your shower- the heat from the steam will activate the volatile oils and provide a delightful aromatherapy shower experience (This is one of my favourite ways!) Have a couple of blends available to choose from: one for relaxing in evening and another for an energizing start to your day!

As you can see, you do not absolutely NEED to have a diffuser to use essential oils. Of course, they are nice to have. For more info on how to choose a diffuser, read about that here.

Rollerballs- unsung heros

If you can purchase a rollerball already complete and ready to use, go for it. If you like to make up your own stuff, you can do that too. Here’s what you’ll need to make that happen:

  • Empty rollerball with all the pieces
  • Your chosen essential oil blend (or essential oils of your choosing)
  • A carrier oil- you will NEED this for topical application- using something such as jojoba, fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed or sunflower oils work very well
  • A way to get the carrier oil into the small opening of the roller bottle, such as a funnel
  • And- a label for your creation

Rollerballs are a great option because they are very portable and convenient to use. When the roller is empty, you can refill it again and again.

No time to make your own? Check out what’s available from Nature Notes- We have several roller options here.

Supply list

Did you know? We have some great essential oil blends that you can use to fit your daily routine.

Great reads

If you’re interested in making your own items, here are a few books that I think are worth having:

  • Quick start to using essential oils by Deanna Russell
  • Smart mom’s guide to essential oils by Dr. Mariza Snyder
  • Aromatherapy & essential oils handbook for every day wellness by Nerys Purchon and Lora Cantele

Deanna Russell is a clinical aromatherapist (professional member of Canadian Alliance of Aromatherapy /CAOA) and also teaches on essential oil safety as well as other aromatherapy topics. Explore classes and courses here.

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