Aromatherapy subscriptions

To access the video library and courses, you will need a subscription.

You can choose the following levels of subscription:

  • Video library only for $12 CAD per month
  • The courses only for $49 CAD per month
  • Access to the video library and courses for $60 CAD per month (best value)
Level 1: Video library subscription
($12 CAD each month)
Choose from several video collections featuring project based classes and challenge style classes here. The collections will grow over time as I add more content.

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Level 2: Courses subscription
($49 CAD each month)
These are longer classes and have more detailed information. They generally come with a class textbook and/or workbook for download. There are a couple more courses in the works, so stay tuned.

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Level 3: Video library + Courses subscription
access videos plus courses($60 CAD per month BEST VALUE)
Want access to everything? Then this is the subscription for you. Get access to the video collection library AND the online courses.
If you need more time to complete classes, you can renew your subscription.

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The subscriptions are for 30 days. If you are not finished with the content when your term expires, you can re-subscribe for another term. Even if you take 1 class per month, the subscription pays for itself!

To get you started, I’m giving access to the Essential Oil Safety collection for FREE. This collection is part of the video library. All you need to do is create an account as you go through the checkout.
You can scroll below to see what’s currently available- check back regularly to discover what’s new to view!

Have any questions about how this works? Check out the FAQ page here

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By scrolling down through the next section, you can see what types of videos are in the video library, and what courses are available. Note: Be sure to purchase your subscription, create your account and log in before you start watching stuff!