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DIY aromatherapy travel kit

What to pack for travel

World travel is becoming very popular these days with more and more families being mobile as parents can work remotely or online. Living out of a suitcase is now a literal thing. If you are on the road a lot, you already know space is at a premium. You need to select your items with care- and they need to work hard, doing double or even triple duty.

DIY aromatherapy travel kit

Longer trips

For trips longer than a weekend I like to be a bit more prepared.

If you only have space to bring 1 essential oil I recommend lavender. It does the most for you and is one of the safest essential oils to use. Or, bring an essential oil blend that contains lavender.

When you bring a kit like the pictured here all of a sudden you have a LOT of options.

What you can do with a kit like this

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Spray Bottle

Bring 1 spray bottle filled with your favourite hydrosol or witch hazel with aloe and rose petal. Use as a face toner or even a cleanser. Use it also for sunburns, insect bites and stings and anything itchy.

Pump Bottle

Make your own hand soap using the pump dispensing bottle. Start with Dr. Bonner’s castille soap and add a few drops of essential oil. This can also double as a body wash.

Disc Cap Bottles

Use the bottles with the disc caps to store carrier oils. Example:

Bottle #1: 1 oz jojoba or other carrier oil only. Be sure to label your bottle. You can use it unscented, or keep it for a later time to make something else.

Bottle #2: Pre-made massage oil of your choice. It depends what you will need. I prefer a relaxing type of blend such as:

This recipe is suitable for children and pregnancy friendly after the first trimester. You can use it as a body oil, massage oil or bath oil. If you mix it with a dash of your previously mentioned hand soap, you can have a delightful bubble bath to boot! See how this works? Continue reading DIY aromatherapy travel kit