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DIY: Make herbal oil

make herbal oil

Make a herbal infused oil! It is pretty easy to do. It’s part formula, and part art.

You can save a ton of money by making your own herbal infused oils. You also have complete control over your materials and procedure. This is a very satisfying DIY project!

What you need:

1. a large saucepan to put on the stovetop
2. a scrupulously clean pint sized mason jar (holds about 2 cups)
3. your choice of oil- sunflower oil, jojoba or olive oil depending on what you want to do with your finished herbal infusion. (Allow for a generous expiration date.)
4. clean and absolutely dry plant material of your choice, usually a flower or herb, enough to place into the jar until it’s filled about halfway. (*please note that the size and weight of your plant matter will influence the amount added into the mason jar. For example, lavender flowers are much smaller than mullein leaves and you may need to make adjustments based on both volume and weight combined.)
5. a super clean wooden stirring implement-like a chopstick or the handle of a wooden spoon
6. water for the saucepan
7. time- you need to be able to babysit this project for about 5 hours.
8. a strainer
9. coffee filter or cheese cloth (disposable)
10. a clean bowl to catch your warm infused oil- something with a pour spout is easiest
11. a clean tea towel for handling the jar from the stove
12. clean plastic funnel to fit your bottle or container
13. a suitable storage bottle (absolutely clean and dried)
14. label for your herbal oil

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