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This review of several shower diffuser methods started innocently with a bathroom repair. The project started out simple enough, with an $80 plumbing repair. I think some of you can guess what happened after that. In the end we had to rip out a wall, the floor and pretty much gut out the space due to mold. As you can imagine, doing all this in the height of the pandemic was not that easy.  We hired a couple of people to do a lot of the work. There were delays followed by unexpected product shortages followed by more delays. Our little bathroom project stretched out over months instead of weeks. The only thing that really kept me going was the thought that in the end I would have an blissful aromatherapy shower experience.

During the renovation I diligently researched my aromatherapy shower options. Pinterest had lots of “hacks”, many of which I tried. Let’s explore some of them now.

Shower diffuser review #1:The aromatherapy shower head ring

This was the first thing that we tried, and I had high hopes for this product. We ordered this on amazon. Actually, the aromatherapy ring came as a bonus with a filter for the shower head. All you have to do is put your desired essential oils into the ring and clip it on top of the shower head where the heat from the shower will release a delightful aromatherapy experience, just like they show in the sales video.

aromatherapy shower head ring review

Pros of the aromatherapy shower head ring

  • Low tech, simple concept
  • No batteries required
  • Easy to install if you can safely reach the top of your shower head
  • Easy to clean


  • Must purchase the shower filter for about $70 as the ring came with it “as a bonus”
  • The aromatherapy ring doesn’t work as advertised- it actually doesn’t work at all
  • We wasted a lot of oils trying to make this work

Bottom line:

First of all, you have to be tall enough to reach the top of your shower head. I am not, so I had to ask for help to install the ring. Also- and more importantly- It doesn’t work. At all. This now sits in the bathroom closet gathering dust. I couldn’t even find this product again on amazon, but even if I did I would not provide you a link. We would have been better off using the ring on the shower floor or placed in the corner of a bathtub ledge.

Shower diffuser method #2:The tea infuser salt diffuser

This idea came from a Pinterest hack. After the first fail, I was a bit more reluctant to spend money. So, I saw this and gave it a go. I used an old tea infuser ball and had some Himalayan salt, so I made the most glorious essential oil blend to use in this. The recipe suggested 30 drops, which I did, using some very nice oils. We hung it from the shower head the night before so it would be ready first thing in the morning.

tea ball infuser reviewPros of the tea ball infusion method

  • Simple concept, low tech
  • Easy materials to locate- I already had on hand what I needed to try this
  • You can use whatever essential oils you wish


  • This experience only lasts for 1 person. I was not that person. I was under the (mistaken) impression that by adding that many drops of essential oils, it would last at least a week! It did not. The water washed everything down the drain.
  • It was also a bit tricky to hook up the tea ball for me- not being tall enough, and again had to get help hooking it up.
  • If I had known that this would only last for one person’s shower, I would have used much less essential oils.

Bottom line

I may revisit this concept and try placing the tea ball in a different place in the shower, such as the floor. We’ll see.

Shower diffusion #3: Shower steamers

Ahh, another Pinterest hack. The shower steamer. I spent quite a bit of time looking at several different recipe options before I made these. I happen to have some silicone soap molds that I used to make them.

Pros of the shower steamer

  • You can make whatever smell appeals to you
  • Low tech- to use them you just place on the shower floor
  • They are pretty easy to make if you have made items like this previously


  • They are messy to make and also messy to use in the shower
  • The recipe I followed used some clay. I smelled mostly clay in my shower and not the essential oils that I put in
  • They do not stay fresh smelling for very long, even in a sealed container

Bottom line

I have some concerns about the clay in my bathroom plumbing. This experiment was disappointing. Perhaps a different recipe would bring some different results, but due to the prep time involved I’m not going to race into trying this again anytime soon.

By now I had tried a few different things and was getting a little frustrated. Was I asking too much to ask to have a nice aromatherapy shower experience? I was beginning to think so. I convinced my family to get me an actual shower diffuser for my birthday. Which brings me to the next part of my shower diffuser review.

Shower diffuser product review #4: The Oasis shower diffuser

I had very high hopes for this product, as I read lots of excellent reviews and was impressed that I could use a standard size essential oil bottle to hook up to the machine. I was also interested in possibly becoming a rep for them and sell the diffusers, too.

oasis shower diffuser review

Pros of the Oasis shower diffuser

  • The directions for installation are pretty simple and easy to follow
  • The concept of this REALLY appealed to me
  • The unit is waterproof- very important since it needs batteries to operate
  • The company offers an excellent warranty
  • The representative we dealt with was friendly


  • In order to initiate the warranty we had to leave a product review (this annoyed me)
  • The first unit did we received did not operate properly and did not provide any aromatherapy experience
  • The Oasis company does not have a phone number where you can reach them
  • It takes customer service about a week to reply to an email
  • The replacement unit we received also did not operate properly

Bottom line

This experience was very disappointing for me. The diffuser was a gift, and something that I thought would be very nice to enjoy. In the end I actually wrote to the company and suggested a unit redesign. I asked questions about how this unit should be performing in order to manage my expectations, but never got any answers. At this point they did offer a refund, which we accepted. I also offered to return the units to them so they could analyze them. I know this product generally gets very good reviews- one reason we ordered it- but now I don’t know if these are real reviews or not.

Needless to say, I will not be selling these diffuser units. My experience as a customer was not great, and I would not want any of my own customers to have this experience. It took over two months to get everything sorted out. You will not find a link to this product here. And I still was looking for something to have in my shower!

#5: Rice diffuser

This idea was again, on Pinterest. Now I was thinking that I would just forget about the shower experience and have something for the bathroom in general instead. However, there is no space to set up a normal diffuser in this bathroom, as it is a tiny space with very little storage and no access to electricity to safely set it up. So, I made my little diffuser using a small mason jar filled with uncooked jasmine rice, as per the directions. I used the recommended amount of essential oils.

Bottom line

This “diffuser” doesn’t give off any aroma unless you shake it up first and then sniff it. I actually do this sometimes from my work station, where I now keep it. But this doesn’t live in the bathroom, so still no aromatherapy shower.

#6: And the winner is…

After I took down the Oasis diffuser I was feeling like I was running out of options. We were about to look at using a lava rock when my husband made a suggestion. Just one little idea. Something so simple to do that I’m feeling very silly. Here it is…

ceramic dish with essential oils

All you have to do is place 5-6 drops of your desired essential oils into a non- reactive vessel such as a plastic or ceramic dish (I would not use a metal dish). Be sure to place this in the corner of your shower space. You may need to experiment a bit with where the best spot is. The goal is to allow some of the shower mist to heat up the oils in the dish, but not so much that it washes the oils down the drain. The dish will gather some water during the shower, but this also helps to heat up the oils in the dish. Incidentally, this little saucer is actually part of an appetizer set that I use for making single use topical body oil applications.

(Note: If you have little kids using the same shower as you, I recommend using a plastic container instead of ceramic. I don’t expect something like that to hold heat as well, however.)

Bottom line

For us, this solution works the best. We place this little saucer thing on the floor’s shower ledge, and now I enjoy a simple, aromatherapy shower each time. We keep a couple of essential oil blend options on hand, but the Spa Day blend is my favourite. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Essential oils to try in the shower

Here are some of my favourite essential oils to enjoy in the shower:

  • eucalyptus radiata
  • rosemary + peppermint or spearmint
  • lavender¬† + geranium
  • cedarwood

What do YOU like to use?

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