Printable Essential Oil lists and profile cards (cheat sheets)



Printable set includes recommended essential oils for 4 specific categories:
8 Essential oils for General use,
8 Essential oils for Mamas & children,
8 Essential oils for especially for Women (non pregnant) and,
8 Essential oils for especially for Men.

This 10+ printables set includes essential oil profile cheat sheets for each of the recommended essential oils in each category, providing you with quick safety and other useful tips on suggested uses for each oil.
Bonus materials include:
-Additional recommended essential oils for more advanced users (cheat sheets for additional oils not included).
-Quick list of essential oil suppliers for Canada and the US
-Where to locate more educational information on essential oils and aromatherapy (includes both free and paid resources)
-Recommended reading on aromatherapy and essential oils (No affiliate links! Just straight up what I recommend)

This printable set is perfect for people who are building their essential oil collection based on their interest area and current needs.
Using the profile cards for each of the oils, you can decide which essential oils you want to purchase, as well as have quick access to safety information and several ways each oil provides benefits to you.

The lists are compiled based on: versatility of the oil, accessibility to most people, affordability and sustainability. This product is BRAND NEUTRAL.
This printable set is an excellent tool to get started with using essential oils.

Note: this is a digital download product and does not include essential oils. Once your payment has been processed you will have access to the PDF file for download for two (2) days.

File format: PDF | Size: 11’x8.5″
Total pages: 12