Natural Skin Care using essential oils and botanicals

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Are you concerned about layering chemicals with your current skin care products? I know I was…I was also wasting products because I purchased something and forgot to use it because it was buried in a pile someplace. By the time I went to use it again, it wasn’t good anymore and I had to toss it. (Now, I’m sure that this have never happened to you…)

Are you tired of spending a LOT of money on stuff that you’re not even sure is working for you?

Do you have sensitive skin? Is even finding something affordable that your skin can tolerate tricky?

Thankfully, you can put this all in the past! I did, and if I can, you can too.

Take this course and change your life:

  • Discover how to save money by making your own skin care products: Tutorials and recipes for projects included!
  • Learn how to choose products with less toxic chemicals for your skin
  • Practical: how to de-clutter your cosmetics drawers
  • Get the details on the most useful natural ingredients for your individual skin type.

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