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Make a natural perfume

Time to complete this class: 30 days


Make a Natural Perfume class with Deanna Russell

Make your own signature scent and take your blending to the next level!

Learn secrets about making your own personal fragrance using essential oils and absolutes. This class builds upon the Creative Blending Challenge class with Deanna Russell, but you can take it individually if you wish.

We take a deep dive into using a fragrance wheel, exploring the main sections as well as subsections within each category. The fragrance wheel is based on a model originally created by Michael Edwards.

We will cover the following fragrance categories:

  • Floral
  • Amber/Oriental
  • Woody
  • Fresh

From there we will take a deeper dive into subcategories from the fragrance wheel.
I show you step by step how to begin creating your natural perfume using building blocks called accords.

There is a basic workbook provided with this class so that you can follow along the lectures and record the information as you go.

How to make a natural perfume builds on the information you learned during the essential oil blending challenge, so you might want to refresh some of those concepts before jumping into this class. (Optional)

You can also purchase a detailed workbook sold separately.

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