Frankincense Cream Cleanser



I’ve used your cream cleanser in treatments and my customers have loved it.

Erin, esthetician, Woods Rose Skincare, Calgary

Luxury in a jar!

Recommended for: dry, mature and sensitive skin types.

Key ingredients: frankincense, geranium, rose hydrosol

This product may double as a moisturizer. It is solid at room temperature, and when you apply it to the skin it becomes liquid. Gently massage the skin while you move it around before gently removing with a warm face cloth.

Note: contains nut oil.

Ingredients: rose hydrosol, sweet almond oil, safflower oil, emulsifying wax NF, frankincense, sweet orange, rosewood, geranium, vitamin e, geogard ECT.

Jar size: 60ml/2oz/55g


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