Essential Oil Safety Pocket Reference



This is a short but sweet resource and tool to have handy any time you are thinking of making an essential oil blend for yourself or another family member. If you use essential oils, you need this information!

Your pocket reference guide includes the following:

    • General essential oil usage guidelines
    • Calculation and dilution rates charts
    • Contraindications worksheet (make a copy of this template for each person you blend for!)
    • Demystifying essential oil chemotypes
    • Guidelines for use during pregnancy
    • Guidelines for use during cancer treatments
    • Guidelines for use if you have high or low blood pressure
    • and more!

    With this information at your fingertips you can make wise decisions about choosing the essential oils you purchase and use.

    Tip: If you check out the references page, you’ll find some good reads on essential oils and aromatherapy!

    Interested in learning loads more about essential oils? Check out the Aromatherapy Foundational Concepts course with Deanna Russell.

  • Once your payment has been processed you will have two (2) days to complete your download.
  • The information in the pocket reference is compiled by Clinical Aromatherapist Deanna Russell.
    2022 Edition
    Format: PDF file
    Pages: 16

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