Creative Blending Challenge

Under $50 CAD



Want to start a new hobby in an afternoon?
Do you love the idea of making your own signature scent?
Do you love experimenting with essential oils….and like to make stuff?

With blending techniques under your belt, you will be ready for the creative blending challenge! Class comes with a downloadable workbook.

Get ready for a fun afternoon with Deanna as she explains:

  • How to use the aroma blending wheel (blending wheel provided)
  • Introduction to perfume notes
  • Creative blending methods
  • Blending on a budget
  • Nerdy blending
  • How to use the odour profile reference chart (chart provided)

During this class you will:

  • Make a diffuser blend
  • Make a perfume blend:
    • roller type
    • solid perfume type

Additional resources are provided, including how to make an infused herbal oil.




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