Carrier Oils for Professionals

This course is under $210 CAD


Are you a beauty professional? A massage therapist? Or seriously interested in carrier oils and their benefits?

Many clients are looking to their wellness providers for leading, natural products, backing away from excessive chemicals. Your business can benefit from this healthy trend! This course is geared toward massage therapists and skin care professionals who want to incorporate carrier oils and natural options into their treatments.

This carrier oils course is specifically for:

  • Massage Therapists
  • Beauty Professionals

If you want to offer the addition of essential oils and aromatherapy to your service menu, that is also covered in a special section.

Some spaces have a “no scent” policy due to allergies and sensitivities etc. This course addresses situations where using scent and/or aroma is not always possible. Professionals can still use natural ingredients to provide their clients with additional treatment benefits. Here you will learn how this is possible.

We cover an introduction to carrier oils (what they are and how we get them) as well as discovering fatty acids in oils.

We cover profiles of important individual oils in the following categories: base carrier oils, value added carrier oils, high value carrier oils, and herbal infused oils.

You will also learn where and how to strategically use essential oils in your practice- so you can offer added value using aromatherapy to your clients.

This course includes a downloadable workbook.

There aren’t any tests or quizzes in this course- there are practical activities provided throughout to guide and focus your learning experience.