Aromatherapy for Menopause: Masterclass

This masterclass is under $50 CAD




Are you a woman between the ages of 42-55 and wondering what in the heck is happening to you?
Your life was going along, and you were used to things being the way they were- for better or for worse- and then you feel slammed to the wall!
It’s a brave new world.

Aromatherapy for Menopause is a masterclass that focuses primarily on the women who are transitioning through peri-menopause and menopause.

It’s practical. It’s real. It’s for all women who need someone who can relate to their menopause journey. This is not a man telling you what to do or how to fix it. This is also not a man telling you how his wife is coping…Yes, I’m a clinical aromatherapist, bringing you carefully selected, evidence based information in a clear and focused way.

But I’m also a woman, and I’m THERE WITH YOU! I can give you options you can definitely try, and also some things that I’ve tried that did not actually work for me. And I have tried a LOT of things…
At the end of the day, each woman is different, and based on individual body chemistry makeup, some things will work faster and better for some than for others.

I understand the frustration, disruption, desperation and disillusionment of menopause.
Not only do I understand it personally, I have talked with many, many women who struggle. This is not the time to feel alone!

In this 20 lecture masterclass we cover:

  • Women and stress, and the best essential oils to use for this and why
  • Technical definitions of menopause and peri menopause (+added resources for you)
  • How menopause presents (symptoms)
  • Various practical projects you can make at home
  • Weight management

This class would benefit you if:

  • You are experiencing menopause and aren’t super happy about it due to being in crazyland
  • You are living and/or working with someone in menopause crazyland