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Antiviral Preparedness



Learn how essential oils can be a valuable tool when dealing with an antiviral illness.

This 40 page PDF document contains:

  • Profiles on 13 different essential oils with highly antiviral activity
  • Ways to use these essential oils in the event of a viral illness
  • Items you should have to build your aromatherapy flu home care kit
  • Recipes, tips and suggestions on how you can customize your own blends
  • 4 worksheets to guide you and get you organized
  • An essential oils safety section including more printables

This resource is a MUST HAVE!

I thought this was a very timely set of lessons, especially since everyone is so scared of both the flu and now the new coronavirus spreading globally. The oils you mention are very potent on viruses overall and really do give the viruses (and bacteria) a run for their lives. It’s just one more thing people need to have in their arsenal for staying well. I liked how you distinguished between the different lavender and thyme oils, and how you created different blends for kids, adults, and alerted pregnant women what oils to avoid and also use. I also liked how you gave options for using the anti-viral oils in oil blends, in a blend of bath salts, as a face steam, and in a diffuser. Janet

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Thanks so much for the excellent material (class). I am glad you suggested so many essential oils. I have several that you recommended, but not all, so I can use what I have and not have to buy so many others. Stay well. Rebecca


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