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  • Calendula Hydrosol 60ml


    Calendula hydrosol properties include: calming soothing healing refreshing child friendly antifungal

  • Cucumber Hydrosol




  • Dandelion Flower Hydrosol


    Steam distilled from the dandelion leaf (Taraxacum officinale). Status: Local, organically grown method/non sprayed. Quick tips: refreshing skin toner restorative, healing- packed with nutrients antiseptic cooling tonic  

  • Lavender Hydrosol


    Our lavender isĀ  grown in beautiful British Columbia on my in -law’s acreage. The plants are no- spray, and grown in an organic manner (but organic certification has not been assigned). Lavender hydrosol may be combined with most other hydrosols to make your own unique blend. Distilled from: the stems, leaves and flowers of fresh…

  • Lemon Balm Hydrosol


    Melissa officinalis hydrosol Ethically grown wildcrafted melissa officinalis (lemon balm). Herbaceous, lemon scent. Gentle power in a bottle. Lemon balm hydrosol is an excellent addition to your beauty arsenal, especially if you have blemishes or acne. Lemon balm is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Uses include: Apply some with a cotton ball to baby’s head…

  • Rose Hydrosol


    Rose hydrosol also makes an excellent face toner for sensitive and mature skin. Rose Petal, distilled from organically grown roses. Properties include: soothing healing calming Locally sourced roses are distilled from the fresh flowers. They are non spray, and grown in an organic manner but organic certification has not been assigned.

  • Rosemary Hydrosol


    Rosemary- rosmanarius officinalis Properties include: toning cell regenerating restores elasticity detoxifying Small batch distilled from fresh rosemary grown in an organic manner in Alberta. Distillation date: summer 2018 Shelf life: Stable up to 2 years Safety: Avoid rosemary hydrosol if expecting, breastfeeding or if you have high blood pressure.