With the world in self isolation, many of us are getting a bit creative with the self care routines. This includes the “COVID cut”, home hair dye jobs, and much more! While all this experimenting can be fun, there may come the time when you want more concrete success. Enter: Natural Skin Care using essential oils and botanicals with Deanna Russell!

Natural skin care course is for: group #1

I have put together a natural skin care course that is designed for regular people who are looking for ways to make their own skin care products at home. There are lots of DIY projects in the course with tutorial videos and instructions provided. What better time to learn, experiment AND have some fun! The recipes provided are vegan and gluten free. And- it’s not just for women. Guys, if you need some assistance, check it out!

Natural skin care course is for: group #2

If you are doing your shopping online and are looking to try new products this course guides you as to what ingredients to search for when making your purchasing decisions. Even if you don’t want to make ANY of the projects, you still come away with valuable information about assessing your skin and what natural ingredients are most suitable for you right now.

natural skin superstar ingredients

Course breakdown

This Natural Skin Care course features 2 main sections:

  1. Discover what essential oils, carrier oils and other superstar natural ingredients to look for and use for each skin type. The skin types covered are:
        • Normal & Combination
        • Oily & Problem
        • Dry
        • Mature
        • Sensitive
        • Inflamed (psoriasis & eczema
  2. The aromatherapy home facial. Learn how to do your own facial at home based on the Korean beauty protocol. Some of the hands- on projects include:
    • Facial cleanser wipes
    • Facial toner
    • Clay mask
    • Facial oils
    • Facial steam

Tutorial videos and recipes are included. There is also a list of ingredient suppliers provided in case you need to order any items.

Bonus materials

There is a 97 page textbook that is included with this course. There are also additional handouts, worksheets, and lists provided to help you take it through the next steps.

Natural Skin Care course: Quick stats

Viewing time: 1.5-2 hours

User level: Beginner and up

Project time: That will depend on how organized you are, what you want to make etc. If you want to make everything, block off a couple of days.

This course helps you focus on caring for your skin using the most suitable natural ingredients for your skin type.

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Pricing is in US dollars

Get more details about the Natural Skin Care course here

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Project: Make a rose face toner

Try making one of the aromatherapy facial projects now!

Project time: about 5 minutes

If you are interested in making this project and need the instructions please email me and I’ll send you a PDF file.

Just want the book?

natural skin care using essential oils and botanicals

You can get that right here!


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