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Whether you want to learn by taking a new course or by reading a book, Nature Notes has options for both by way of online classes and textbooks available in a variety of formats.

Course options include:

Aromatherapy Foundational Concepts

This is a great course for beginners in aromatherapy. As a phytotherapist and herbalist I know quite a lot about herbs. With this course I got the opportunity to learn even more about plants and the use of their essential oils. Deanna knows her stuff very well and I’ve always got the feeling that she loves to share what she knows. I enjoyed the course a lot! I am looking forward to more courses by this instructor! Thanks a lot, Deanna!

Tanja Zientek

Your Personal Beauty Guide for Natural Skin Care

I really enjoyed this workshop. Deanna was very informative on what ingredients were needed for each skin type, which is what I was looking for. Look forward to joining her other classes!

Angela White

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