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Aromatherapy flu care kit

essential oil flu kit

Be more prepared for viral illnesses. Have half an hour? This tutorial class is a must see!

The class explains why essential oils are special heroes for fighting viral infections such as colds and flu.


  • 14 essential oils which have high antiviral activity
  • Effective ways to use essential oils during a viral illness
  • Recipes and formulas for each of the kit components
  • Best essential oils for respiratory related issues during illness
  • Best recovery essential oils

This class includes two PDF resource files for download, note taking etc.

Use the link provided to take this class for free– you will need to set up a Skillshare account to take the class.

Build your own aromatherapy flu care kit

Nature Notes Essential oil blends with high antiviral activity:

Bandit Buddy

Family Care Kit (comes with user guidebook)

Snuffle Buster


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Nature Notes essential oil blends are within Canada.