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Essential Oil Printable Organizer Template

This time of year is one of gathering, sorting, organizing and de-cluttering. If you are like me, you make lists to accomplish your fall cleaning routine, and set aside time to do each task. Part of getting organized

also involves sorting my essential oil formulations and recipes. Not that long ago, I would write out my formulas on a scrap piece of paper and then collect them into a pile, where they would sit, until I moved them, to “a safe place”.

Everything was pretty random, and this didn’t even include the notebooks I had filled!

By now I was also running my business and trying to keep track of the essential oils I keep in stock, and how much of it to order, as well as the cost per mil. A number of other things kept coming up too, like my students asking for book recommendations, and getting quick access to the botanical classification system, and blending wheel.

I put together a printable kit package that would not only help those who are:

  • studying aromatherapy
  • formulating using essential oils
  • running their own small business coaching or acting rep for essential oils
  • essential oil enthusiasts (READ: have a big collection of oils that need organizing)
  • aromatherapy and/or essential oil practitioner

This is a 44 page printable PDF resource aimed at helping you pull it together into 1 binder, which you will divide up into sections based on body systems (plus 3 additional separate categories) which are included in the package.

This system is scalable, meaning that you can continually add your formulas into quickly searchable sections. You can start off small, and simply print off more formula templates as you need them.

This essential oil organization printables is more than templates- it’s also a learning resource and business tool. You can check it out in my NEW Etsy shop: NatureNotesAromatherapy

Keep it real:
> The blending wheel included helps you choose your essential oils for formulating
> The botanical classification chart helps you understand how families of essential oils relate to each other
> My recommended reading list helps you locate additional valuable information
> The formula blending templates allow you to see a lot of information at one time
> The reference divider charts provided are in themselves a useful brainstorming tool
> Budgeting for essential oils is straightforward when you use the inventory sheets (includes carrier oils as well as essential oils)
> The aromatherapy safety profile sheet allows you to personalize your formulas based on a set of criteria that YOU determine, minimizing the chances of a bad reaction

If you’d like help getting your self organized, be sure to check this out.

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