I have a confession to make…I spent years being disorganized with my formulas and recipes for essential oil blends. I lost important information and I wasted time looking for information.

After ordering one too many duplicate essential oils, I decided that I needed a system that would actually help me!

My essential oil binder organizer system of printables and templates is a result of that process.

Before: All my notes were a giant disaster!

After years and several hundred hours of studying clinical aromatherapy I had amassed a LOT of notes, formulas and tidbits that I wanted to save. Now I have all my compiled information into expandable sections that are flexible for what I need. As a professional, I need to be able to access specific information quickly.

Pictured below: A much more organized system! It’s flexible and expandable too.

This is definitely for you if you are:

  • An aromatherapy student
  • An essential oil distributor
  • An aromatherapy practitioner
  • A natural product formulator
  • An aromatherapy or essential oil coach or consultant
  • Seriously in love with essential oils

Work like a pro

Organize your essential oil and carrier oil inventory

Keep track of family members/clients who should not be using certain essential oils, due to safety contraindications

Record your recipes: ones that you want to try or have tried, organized by body system

Budget template for your essential oil supply purchases

Excellent Value for just $16

Here’s what comes in your 30 page kit​:


Recipe Keeper Template

This printable template allows you to record your experiments and recipes so you can easily recreate your formulas.
Examples are provided so you can easily follow the format for yourself.
Pro tip: Keep an unused template reserved for copying so you always have a fresh page.

Inventory Tracker

This extensive list will help you track your inventory as well as suppliers. It tracks both essential oils as well as carrier oils.
If you run your own essential oil hustle, this is an extremely handy tool. This is an excellent way to fill in any gaps in your stash- and also not reorder something you already have 3 of!


Reference Section Dividers

These individually created pages are to help you set up your binder into sections for your recipes and formulas.
You will get pages for each of the following:
1. Digestive
2. Respiratory
3. Reproductive
4. Skin
5. Skeletal & Muscular
6. Immune System
7. Weight loss & management
8. Sleep
9. Stress
As a bonus, each of the pages comes listed with the most addressed conditions within that section. Example for skin issues shown. As your reference binder expands, organizing your formulas according to body systems is invaluable!

Log book and personal journey sheet

(not pictured)

Set and keep your personal goals using this log book template.

Recommended Reading List

As a clinical aromatherapist, I am often asked where to get reliable information on essential oils.
This list features some of the most knowledgeable authors in the aromatherapy industry.
I have personally either read or own each of the books on this list.
Each book title on the list has a book summary attached and my recommended audience.

Contraindications chart

(not pictured)

If you have any medical condition which means not using a certain essential oil (or oils), keep track of what they are and the reason for not using it.
This template can be adapted for other family members, and/or clients. Keeping track of this information is absolutely vital.

Blending Wheel

A blending wheel is included to help you create your own blends simply and quickly using a visual method.

Classification Lists

As you become more experienced using essential oils, this list will help you blend in a more advanced way.

This is a simple, effective and flexible system that works for family and clients​

As you gather more information, your templates expand with you.
Whether you are keeping track of one person, or many customers or clients, this system can be as flexible as you need it to be.

Tips for success:

  • Get a binder and some dividers to make this printables kit sparkle (not included)
  • Be sure to copy each of the template pages before you use them so you always have a fresh template

Added Bonus

I have curated a recommended essential oils purchasing guide that you can access, even if you don’t purchase the Essential Oil Binder Organizer templates.

Go to individual essential oils

You will notice that I only list certain companies here. I have selected the most suitable, appropriate and specific oil for each listing. That’s how much I care! I have made my selections based on:

  • Reputation of the company
  • Botanical name of the oil I recommend (sometimes it matters- a lot!)
  • Price point
  • Method of extraction (for example, I prefer the CO2 extracted oil of ginger compared with the steam distilled one)
  • Completeness of label information and data
  • Organic options- most of the listings are USDA certified organic oils
  • When you visit the link, most times you’ll be able to select a different size, if you wish

Disclosure: This resource contains affiliate links. If you click through and make purchases I’ll get a (very) small commission at no extra cost to you. Full disclosure here.