Class resources

Thanks for joining me in this course!
You are making an investment in your aromatic education. To help you along the way, I’d like to make you aware of some additional resources and tools available to you:

Quick Start to using Essential Oils

This is the recommended textbook for this course. There is an additional fee for this resource.
Available in paperback or kindle editions.




Essential Oil binder organizer printable templates

Check this out if:

  • essential oils are your business
  • you are a wellness professional
  • if you have and use a lot of oils

(Additional fees apply.)

Resource: where to get essential oils

If you are wondering where to get affordable, quality oils, visit my recommendations page.
I have carefully selected several for you.




Resource: recommended reading list

Check out my curated list of aromatherapy and essential oil books here.




Resource Article: Top essential oils for women

Get the list of the most useful essential oils for women- and why!