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COVID-19 resources for Canadians


I’m sure many people are following the news releases concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19). I know I am.

This is a quick post providing you with links to various resources specific to Canadians. Although my immediate area is still considered low risk for exposure to this virus, there are reported cases within my city, with more cases expected. I now feel like we will be in this thing for the long haul: translation- This means months now instead of weeks. Continue reading COVID-19 resources for Canadians

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4 types of Aromatherapy home facials

What level of skincare do you want?

Nature Notes Aromatherapy uses herbs, botanicals and essential oils in their natural skin care products for added skin nourishing benefits.

With frequent changes in season, you need to find products that will accomplish more than one task, allowing you to keep a simple beauty regime if that’s what you want. If you love to layer products to enhance efficacy, you can do that, too. Continue reading 4 types of Aromatherapy home facials