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7 reasons why apricot kernel oil is a superstar

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How apricot kernel carrier oil can help your repair and soften your skin

Living in a dry climate can be harsh to your skin!
If you live in Alberta, you have already experienced some of the howling wind, weather warnings and sometimes chinooks (I happen to live in Calgary, where we get these). Actually, being outdoors in general with skin exposed to the elements can be damaging to the skin, no matter where you live. With exposure to pollution, excessive sun, rain or snow, we take on a LOT of collateral damage.

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DIY Aromatherapy home facial

Did you know?

Nature Notes Aromatherapy uses herbs, botanicals and essential oils in their natural skin care products for added skin nourishing benefits.

With frequent changes in season, you need to find products that will accomplish more than one task, allowing you to keep a simple beauty regime if that’s what you want. If you love to layer products to enhance efficacy, you can do that, too. Continue reading DIY Aromatherapy home facial

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Urban Greenhouse Project

Our decision to build a greenhouse was years in the dreaming. Then one day, we just decided to do it. We were ready. Our tomato plants were begging to be let outside but it was still too cold for them. It was a race against time as we prepared the site and foundation. Fortunately, we were in between snowfalls during this time. In Calgary, you have to be prepared for spring blizzards…they do happen. You’ll notice that when we started the site prep, there was no snow anywhere. And then there was! Continue reading Urban Greenhouse Project