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Natural Skin Care using essential oils

With the world in self isolation, many of us are getting a bit creative with the self care routines. This includes the “COVID cut”, home hair dye jobs, and much more! While all this experimenting can be fun, there may come the time when you want more concrete success. Enter: Natural Skin Care using essential oils and botanicals with Deanna Russell!

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Guide to Nature Notes cold processed soap

User guide to Nature Notes soaps

When my daughter and I started experimenting with making our own soap we had NO IDEA how much it would become in demand for people with sensitive skin! We started out by solving our own problem: genuine cold processed soap that was both cleansing and moisturizing, and gentle enough for our sensitive skin to bear. I guess there are many others who are also looking for the same things we are! Continue reading Guide to Nature Notes cold processed soap

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Aromatherapy for Women Course Case study: meet Glenda

WHO will benefit from the Aromatherapy for Women course?

Meet Glenda. Glenda is 48 years old and has nearby aging parents, a husband (Tom) and two older children. They are aged 17 (Dylan) and 21 (Courtney). Dylan is navigating his upcoming last year of high school. He tends to stay out a bit too late sometimes, and Glenda waits up for him. Courtney is attending a local university and is expecting her first baby.

Glenda works at an accounting firm, and March and April are very taxing on her. The hours she puts in means working through many lunches and getting home around 7pm. Sometimes dinner is made already, other times it is not. On these days, she often picks up something on the way home. On a good day it’s a Safeway chicken. Sometimes, it’s pizza…

She is just trying to make it through tax season, but right now her daughter also really needs her. Tom really does try to be supportive, but he doesn’t really understand what has happened to the women he married! She always seems tired, a bit distant, has been gaining weight, and he’s concerned that she might be a bit depressed.

How the Aromatherapy for Women course benefited Glenda

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7 tools for balancing your hormones

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Your hormones and you   

Ladies, are you tired of your hormones running your life?       

Our hormones have a noticeable effect on us for most of our lives. Think about it. It starts with PMS. Yikes! Or, maybe for some women, hormones disrupt our fertility. Then there’s pregnancy. That’s a whole category by itself. After the birth, hormones find their way back to normal, but not until the new mom travels through postpartum land.

Avoided all that? Just wait till you get to perimenopause… yeah, being a woman can definitely be tricky at times. Don’t get me wrong, there are some definite perks to being a woman! But- If dealing with your hormones is a thing for you, keep reading. Continue reading 7 tools for balancing your hormones