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A new normal

Wow, what a crazy ride!

I don’t know how exactly COVID19 is affecting you, but I’m certain that it is in one way or another. We are all in this together; as families, as communities, cities and countries. I don’t know of one place on earth where this virus hasn’t touched lives. Nature Notes is still operating- although in a very different way than usual. This post is really personal.

Our new “normal” routine

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COVID-19 resources for Canadians


I’m sure many people are following the news releases concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19). I know I am.

This is a quick post providing you with links to various resources specific to Canadians. Although my immediate area is still considered low risk for exposure to this virus, there are reported cases within my city, with more cases expected. I now feel like we will be in this thing for the long haul: translation- This means months now instead of weeks. Continue reading COVID-19 resources for Canadians

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Aromatherapy for Women Course Case study: meet Glenda

WHO will benefit from the Aromatherapy for Women course?

Meet Glenda. Glenda is 48 years old and has nearby aging parents, a husband (Tom) and two older children. They are aged 17 (Dylan) and 21 (Courtney). Dylan is navigating his upcoming last year of high school. He tends to stay out a bit too late sometimes, and Glenda waits up for him. Courtney is attending a local university and is expecting her first baby.

Glenda works at an accounting firm, and March and April are very taxing on her. The hours she puts in means working through many lunches and getting home around 7pm. Sometimes dinner is made already, other times it is not. On these days, she often picks up something on the way home. On a good day it’s a Safeway chicken. Sometimes, it’s pizza…

She is just trying to make it through tax season, but right now her daughter also really needs her. Tom really does try to be supportive, but he doesn’t really understand what has happened to the women he married! She always seems tired, a bit distant, has been gaining weight, and he’s concerned that she might be a bit depressed.

How the Aromatherapy for Women course benefited Glenda

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Aromatherapy flu care kit

essential oil flu kit

Be more prepared for viral illnesses. Have half an hour? This tutorial class is a must see!

The class explains why essential oils are special heroes for fighting viral infections such as colds and flu.


  • 14 essential oils which have high antiviral activity
  • Effective ways to use essential oils during a viral illness
  • Recipes and formulas for each of the kit components
  • Best essential oils for respiratory related issues during illness
  • Best recovery essential oils

This class includes two PDF resource files for download, note taking etc.

Use the link provided to take this class for free– you will need to set up a Skillshare account to take the class.

Build your own aromatherapy flu care kit

Nature Notes Essential oil blends with high antiviral activity:

Bandit Buddy

Family Care Kit (comes with user guidebook)

Snuffle Buster


Stay well,


Nature Notes essential oil blends are within Canada.

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7 tools for balancing your hormones

women smiling

Your hormones and you   

Ladies, are you tired of your hormones running your life?       

Our hormones have a noticeable effect on us for most of our lives. Think about it. It starts with PMS. Yikes! Or, maybe for some women, hormones disrupt our fertility. Then there’s pregnancy. That’s a whole category by itself. After the birth, hormones find their way back to normal, but not until the new mom travels through postpartum land.

Avoided all that? Just wait till you get to perimenopause… yeah, being a woman can definitely be tricky at times. Don’t get me wrong, there are some definite perks to being a woman! But- If dealing with your hormones is a thing for you, keep reading. Continue reading 7 tools for balancing your hormones

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7 reasons why apricot kernel oil is a superstar

apricot shells

How apricot kernel carrier oil can help your repair and soften your skin

Living in a dry climate can be harsh to your skin!
If you live in Alberta, you have already experienced some of the howling wind, weather warnings and sometimes chinooks (I happen to live in Calgary, where we get these). Actually, being outdoors in general with skin exposed to the elements can be damaging to the skin, no matter where you live. With exposure to pollution, excessive sun, rain or snow, we take on a LOT of collateral damage.

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4 types of Aromatherapy home facials

What level of skincare do you want?

Nature Notes Aromatherapy uses herbs, botanicals and essential oils in their natural skin care products for added skin nourishing benefits.

With frequent changes in season, you need to find products that will accomplish more than one task, allowing you to keep a simple beauty regime if that’s what you want. If you love to layer products to enhance efficacy, you can do that, too. Continue reading 4 types of Aromatherapy home facials

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Urban Greenhouse Project

Our decision to build a greenhouse was years in the dreaming. Then one day, we just decided to do it. We were ready. Our tomato plants were begging to be let outside but it was still too cold for them. It was a race against time as we prepared the site and foundation. Fortunately, we were in between snowfalls during this time. In Calgary, you have to be prepared for spring blizzards…they do happen. You’ll notice that when we started the site prep, there was no snow anywhere. And then there was! Continue reading Urban Greenhouse Project