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Aromatherapy subscription

aromatherapy on demand learning

Introducing on demand learning

Learn tons of interesting and valuable aromatherapy information, when and where you want.

I’m pretty ecstatic to tell you about a new service that is now available for you! This concept is kind of like netflix for aromatherapy…Here is the lowdown on how it works:

To access the video library and courses, you will need a subscription.

Quick FAQ

How long is my subscription?
Each subscription is 30 days
I want the class subscription. But what if I'm not done my class??
If you are not finished with the content when your term expires, you can re-subscribe for another term.
Is the material the same for the video collections as it is for the classes?
The classes in the video collections are shorter, and are project based or challenge type of classes. The courses are longer, come with workbooks and will take longer to complete.
Can I see what you have in the video library before I sign up?
Yes. Use the link provided below and have a look around. However: and this is IMPORTANT- you should purchase your subscription, create your account and log in before you start watching any content. (Otherwise you will be directed to pay for each video and we don’t want that!) Look at what’s currently in the video library
Okay, great, thanks for that tip. So, how do I get my subscription?
There is a separate link to purchase your desired subscription. If you get confused, email me and I’ll help you directly. Once you have a subscription, you can log into your account and watch whatever you want within your subscription level.
What if I watch everything?
Fantastic! You have made a teriffic investment in yourself. I will be adding content regularly to both categories, so check in to see what’s new.

Did you know?

When you subscribe, you also get additional  insider information with your paid account.

Show me my options

Level 1: Video library subscription
($12 CAD each month)
Choose from several video collections featuring project based classes and challenge style classes here. The collections will grow over time as I add more content.

Look at what’s currently in the video library
I want to purchase my video library subscription now

Level 2: Courses subscription
($49 CAD each month)
These are longer classes and have more detailed information. They generally come with a class textbook and/or workbook for download. There are a couple more courses in the works, so stay tuned.

I want to look at course curriculum topics and outlines
I want to purchase my courses subscription now

Level 3: Video library + Courses subscription
access videos plus courses($60 CAD each month BEST VALUE)
Want access to everything? Then this is the subscription for you. Get access to the video collection library AND the online courses.
If you need more time to complete classes, you can renew your subscription.

I want all inclusive access


A gift for you

To get you started, I’m giving access to the Essential Oil Safety collection for FREE. This collection is part of the video library. All you need to do is create an account as you go through the checkout. Use the coupon code provided to get in for free: FREEsafety
Get my free gift Essential oil safety class now

Questions? Please ask me. You can put it in the comments area.