WHO will benefit from the Aromatherapy for Women course?

Meet Glenda. Glenda is 48 years old and has nearby aging parents, a husband (Tom) and two older children. They are aged 17 (Dylan) and 21 (Courtney). Dylan is navigating his upcoming last year of high school. He tends to stay out a bit too late sometimes, and Glenda waits up for him. Courtney is attending a local university and is expecting her first baby.

Glenda works at an accounting firm, and March and April are very taxing on her. The hours she puts in means working through many lunches and getting home around 7pm. Sometimes dinner is made already, other times it is not. On these days, she often picks up something on the way home. On a good day it’s a Safeway chicken. Sometimes, it’s pizza…

She is just trying to make it through tax season, but right now her daughter also really needs her. Tom really does try to be supportive, but he doesn’t really understand what has happened to the women he married! She always seems tired, a bit distant, has been gaining weight, and he’s concerned that she might be a bit depressed.

How the Aromatherapy for Women course benefited Glenda

By going through the Aromatherapy for Women course, Glenda is making time to care for some of her own needs.

After Glenda signed up she logged in right away. She finds that the Aromatherapy for Women class is organized into easily identifiable sections.

She notices the section on stress and instantly decides to look at this first.

After downloading the workbook guide, she decides to make one of the projects outlined for stress. Glenda falls asleep faster that night because she knows that she has taken a step toward loving and caring for herself. She has made a small list of essential oils that interest her, and supplies she will need to make the next, and other projects. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find many essential oils. After a stop at the local health food store, Glenda has most of what she’s looking for and will order the rest online.

Weight management section

Glenda is most definitely not happy with her body shape and weight. She knows that Tom has also noticed, but has been too kind (or maybe scared!) to mention it. For the last few years she’s just tried to accept it as the new reality. But something in her is fighting this, and she is determined to set a realistic, attainable, appropriate goal. She jumps over to the Weight Management section of the course next. She’s about to become a grandmother, and wants to be able to keep up and do fun things with her daughter and granddaughter.

Pregnancy, birth plan and postpartum section

Fast forward two months. Courtney’s baby is coming soon. Courtney would like to have as natural birth as possible. Glenda remembers that there was information in Aromatherapy for Women about pregnancy, making a birth plan, and postpartum care. They log into the course and go through these lectures together.

Menopause section

There are other sections of the course that interest Glenda too, especially the menopause section. At this point Tom is curious, and he winds up watching some of the lectures with Glenda, prompting a long chat about life in the menopause lane. Tom wants to help Glenda, and he also wants her happiness and well-being.
Some of the lectures brought up some pretty specific challenges Glenda is facing. Now Glenda knows that she’s not the only one dealing with these things, and Tom knows that she’s not losing her mind. They talk more openly, and share their frustrations and concerns. He encourages her to try all of the projects.

Before: Convince me!

Glenda was a little nervous about signing up for the class because she didn’t really understand how aromatherapy can actually help her. However, after diving into the section on stress, she got a clear picture right away on which essential oils are excellent for stress, and WHY.

After: It’s practical. It’s real. It’s for women.

Glenda was able to start in the class with her most pressing area of concern- stress. This section applied to her directly, and she started with that. She took some time to process this section before moving to the next topics that interested her. Glenda made good use of the resources listing, and comprehensive downloadable guidebook that comes with the class. (This will be useful for future reference, too.)

aromatherapy for women





The class addresses the major life stages of women, including:

  • Stress
  • PMS
  • Infertility and Miscarriage
  • Pregnancy (including birth and postpartum)
  • Peri menopause and Menopause
  • Weight Management

For more information on this unique class for women, and to sign up

Go to Aromatherapy for Women

About Deanna Russell

Deanna Russell is a clinical aromatherapist, registered aromatherapist, and essential oil therapist located in Calgary, AB Canada. She is also the owner and founder of Nature Notes Aromatherapy.
More importantly, however, Deanna has personal experience with all of the issues addressed in this class.
This is not just a theoretical course! Additionally, she has drawn from her conversations with many women to provide you with strategies that have worked for others, too.

Deanna loves photography, gardening, tea blending, design and typography. She has been experimenting and creating stuff since early childhood, and now as an adult enjoys teaching others her passion for aromatherapy and essential oils.

Deanna is a professional member of BCAOA (British Columbia Alliance Of Aromatherapy in Canada and has a private consulting practice in Calgary, AB Canada.

What women are saying about Aromatherapy for Women

“Just finished up the Aromatherapy for Women Course from Deanna Russell. I absolutely loved it! It has really increased my confidence with using essential oils on future clients and it’s given me a lot of ideas on how I can use aromatherapy to help them. I’m excited to start implementing what I learned. If you’re looking to learn more about using essential oils to ease the symptoms of stress, pregnancy, labour or menopause, I highly recommend it!”

Maggie Reid- Sacredlightbirth

pregnant mother

“This course was full of well-organized, easy to follow information. It had so many practical, real world applications for women in all stages of life to relate to. The projects were thoughtful, clear, and easy to personalize to my own needs.

The instructor is very knowledgeable and obviously passionate about aromatherapy which helped me feel comfortable to try the projects on my own and to feel capable of completing other recipes listed in the guidebook.
I am really happy to have gained this knowledge at this point in my life, as I am currently expecting my first child, and I feel I will continue to use what I have learned a lot in the coming months and years!”

Shaye R.


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