Aromatherapy Consultations

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What should you expect during an aromatherapy consultation with Nature Notes/Deanna Russell?

If you are thinking of talking with an aromatherapy professional about a specific individual concern you probably have some questions, especially if you are reasonably new to the whole idea.


Is there a fee for the consultation?

Yes- the fee is $75.00 for the initial consultation.

Are my products/remedies/custom blends included in this fee?

No- every person is assessed individually and your take home solution(s) will be based on several factors. Determining your personalized care is based on the type of application that is best suited for your needs, including your budget and personal aroma preferences. You will always be provided with the cost of your product so you can decide to proceed with it or not. Your treatment plan is in your control.

How can I prepare for my visit with you?

During the first visit you will be asked to provide some medical information including any medications, herbs and supplements you are currently taking. You will be asked to provide a list of these items, including dosages.

Why do you need this information and how long will it take?

It is important to complete a medical intake form. There are certain essential oils which should not be used under certain conditions. Allergies are also a major consideration-as well as personal aroma preferences. Usually the first visit will take anywhere from 45 mins to an hour and a half, depending on your personal health situation.

What kind of concerns can be addressed by aromatherapy?

You’d be surprised by how you can improve your situation by using essential oils. The most common worries people have are stress related and subsequent and/or chronic issues. These include digestive, sleep and skin conditions and too many others to list here. If you are wondering, drop me an email and ask. Chances are pretty good that I have a solution we could try. Please note: I do not make medical diagnosis or claim to cure any diseases.

What are your qualifications?

I have completed my formal studies at the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy in Canada and am certified as a clinical aromatherapist/eessential oil therapist. I am a professional member of BCAPA (BC Association of Practicing Aromatherapists) as well as BCAOA (BC Alliance of Aromatherapists).

Is my consultation covered by my health insurance provider?

At this time consultations provided by a clinical aromatherapist do not seem to be covered by a specific category. Although qualified as a health professional with a professional designation, most insurance companies have not listed aromatherapy as covered. You will always be provided with a receipt however, for submission to health spending accounts and possible submission to CRA for tax purposes.

What clients are saying

I’m so hoping that even if I’m still in menopause 10 years from now (God forbid) I’ll still be able to deal with the symptoms naturally with “Deanna’s Potion”. Seriously, if it works for me, it’ll work for anyone because I’ve had it so bad.
Naomi H, Lethbridge, AB

I just had to call you to let you know that the ointment you made for my psoriasis is WORKING! Nothing else I’ve tried has even come close to this. I’d like another jar please.
Pat R, Sicamous, BC

About your Ditch the Itch ointment.. First of all I LOVE IT!! And it’s the first ointment that has actually relieved the itching! My eczema was getting so bad that my hand was raw from being so itchy and painful… but finally I’ve found some relief !!!! So thank you so much for making such wonderful products!!!!
Denise K, Calgary, AB

Thank you for taking such good care of me! I’m likely to be good as new in no time, thanks to you!
Jen K, Victoria, BC

Privacy Policy

Any information that you provide to us will not be given or sold to anyone. In the event of a referral to another healthcare professional, your permission will be asked to discuss your case with them.

If you are wondering how aromatherapy may benefit you, drop me an email and we can talk about it.


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