How apricot kernel carrier oil can help your repair and soften your skin

Living in a dry climate can be harsh to your skin!
If you live in Alberta, you have already experienced some of the howling wind, weather warnings and sometimes chinooks (I happen to live in Calgary, where we get these). Actually, being outdoors in general with skin exposed to the elements can be damaging to the skin, no matter where you live. With exposure to pollution, excessive sun, rain or snow, we take on a LOT of collateral damage.

Apricot kernel details

Botanical name: Prunus armeniaca
Family: Rosaceae
Extraction method: Cold Pressed from the seed of the fruit
Exported from: Turkey, Spain, China, USA, Kenya, Italy
Average shelf life: 1 year
Average cost $$-$$$
Similar or replacement oil: Sweet almond oil
Safety: safe for all skin types (caution those with nut allergies)

Science at work

There are some specific reasons why apricot kernel is a natural ingredient star. Mainly, the fatty acid composition of this oil. Let’s take a look.

Fatty acid composition:

Source of beta- carotene
Oleic acid: 60-65% *Incidentally, this helps with fungal infections
Linoleic acid: 30-35%
Stearic acid: 1-2%
Palmitic acid: 5-6%
You might be asking yourself, “Well, so what?” Yawn. Hold the phone, Malone! Keep reading.
This translates into 7 big skin benefits.

7 reasons to love apricot kernel oil: Benefits

  1. Soothing to very dry skin
  2. Excellent emollient, nourishing to the skin
  3. Helps protect skin from moisture loss
  4. Soothing to eczema (and related itchiness) and damaged skin
  5. Has a softening action on the skin
  6. Easily absorbed by the skin, has excellent penetration abilities
  7. Helps the skin repair itself due to high levels of vitamin E

fresh apricots

Applications: ways to incorporate using apricot kernel oil

Since apricot is easily absorbed into this skin, it’s ideal for use in:
  • Facial massage
  • Full body massage

I suggest blending it with other carrier oils to make it more affordable, but it definitely adds a luxurious, rich texture to your oil blend.

  • Face serums & facial oils
  • Apricot kernels in face scrubs
  • Apricot kernels as a mechanical exfoliant agent in body scrubs, soap etc.

Bottom line

Did you know? Since apricot kernel oil has skin penetrating capabilities, it assists the efficacy of the other ingredients in your product. By using natural skin care products with apricot kernel, you are getting increased benefit from the other ingredients too.

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Nature Notes products with apricot kernel oil

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