Handmade natural.

At Nature Notes, we make our products in small batches using essential oils and other natural ingredients. No synthetic oils or artificial coloring.

Nature Notes essential oil blends and natural skin care products are formulated by clinical aromatherapist Deanna Russell

Nature Notes products are made with some of nature’s best ingredients

Find Nature Notes aromatherapy study tools and resources

Digital resources: our shop at Etsy

Workbooks, references and more

These digital resources are geared for those who are serious about essential oils. For students, wellness providers and oil enthusiasts.

Aromatherapy classes for all experience levels

The classes are hosted on our learning platform

Aromatherapy for Women

Covers the major stages in a woman’s life

Creative Blending Challenge

Fresh ideas for blending essential oils

aromatherapy foundational concepts

Aromatherapy Foundational Concepts

Use essential oils safety and effectively

Menopause Masterclass

Use aromatherapy tools during this transitioning time in your life

Natural Skin Care

Learn the best natural ingredients for your skin type- includes DIY formulas

Using essential oils with your baby

Recipes included

Questions about product availability?

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