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Nature Notes Aromatherapy

Nature Notes is committed to using pure essential oils.

We use pure, therapeutic grade essential oils to make the blends and are perfect for use in your diffuser. We offer an extensive selection of synergistic blends.

Nature Notes uses pure essential oils and other natural ingredients to bring you holistic natural skin care products. These are made in small batches with love to ensure quality and freshness.

Our 2 main product lines are: Natural skin care and Essential oil blends

You can also get individual essential oils:

Who we are

Deanna RussellNature Notes is owned and operated by clinical aromatherapist Deanna Russell. We are a small business located in Calgary, Alberta. You can visit Deanna at various farmers markets and events- check out her locations to find her listed in the sidebar!

Nature Notes is proudly Canadian- and ships products within Canada. Digital products are available worldwide!

Most products are vegan and gluten free. Please read the provided ingredient lists so you can make an informed decision before you purchase a product.

Organic essential oils, carrier oils, and other ingredients are used wherever possible.

We never use:

  • synthetic fragrances or fragrance oils in our products or blends
  • artificial colors
  • harsh chemicals
  • parabens

Custom orders are also available within Canada. Pretty nifty, eh?

To learn more about how Nature Notes got started, you can read about it here.

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